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About Us

We’re proud to be your one-stop source for heating and cooling systems, with a focus on high quality service that covers all areas of support. We’ve seen many changes over time in mechanical systems – as new developments are delivered or offered by manufacturers we make sure you have up-to date technology when it comes to reliability!

We’re a company that has been providing quality service to homeowners and businesses for nearly a decade. We have the expertise you need, as we’ve completed thousands of projects in both large and small installations alike! Our friendly staff is committed not only do doing what’s right but also striving hard at being on time with every job they take on – it’s something special about us that makes our customers come back again and again when looking out for professionals who care more than just their bottom line: ours comes first!


Your Comfort. Our Priority.

Our customers are always happy to call us when they need heating or cooling services. We work for all brands of HVAC manufacturers and enjoy our jobs! Our staff will take care of not only your family needs but also yours while providing versatility options like energy efficiency as well as safety from carbon monoxide leaks due to emergency repairs coming up unexpectedly.

We are the best at what we do, and that’s providing customers with absolute value for their money. We never cut corners when it comes to installing new systems because our customer’s needs should always come first!
We know how important designing an efficient building is; which gives us a competitive edge over other companies who might not have as much experience or training in this area.

We’ve seen just about every type of industry, from residential to industrial. One thing we have in common with all our customers? A deep understanding of what you need for your business or home – which is why professionals like us that can handle anything!

If there’s one word that defines this company it would experience; having worked on projects involving both innovative technology and unique services made available by each field provides unlimited skill when caring about clients’ interests over profit margins.

Call Top Choice Heating and Cooling at (616) 421-xxxx or contact us here to learn more about our heating, AC, and energy services in Toronto.

Why Choose Top Choice?

Always available

We are a 24/7 service, so you could resolve any problem whenever and wherever it arises. Our emergency team will be on their way to fix the breakdown at short notice!

fair prices

In our ever-changing world, it's important that we keep up with the latest trends and technology. At Top Choice Heating and Cooling, we know you want your services at fair prices no matter what size of business or personal needs!


All our team members are high-qualified and skilled agents. We train them according to the latest technologies so they can work together as one united force for your HVAC needs!

Best offers

In this age of technology, it is difficult to be without the assistance that you need. We at Top Choice offers discounts on popular services and season-specific ones so your every need can be met with speed!

What Our clients say

"When you need help with any job, this company is the first one that comes to mind. They have done excellent work for me and my friends every single time!"
- Hilary Leigh
I've never experienced such a painless experience with any other company! These guys are amazing and I am so glad that someone recommended them to me.
- Hall Read
I was thrilled when I purchased my new AC from LB. The customer service and installation were above par, making for an easy process that left me satisfied with the end result!
- Quintin Angus
I called Top choice to fix my AC and they were able to get me in that same day! The Technician was super helpful. He identified the problem quickly and efficiently fixed it with no problems or headaches for me at all!!"
- Jillie Tempest

Give us a call anytime. We're ready to help you 27/7 to provide you comfort.