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Top Choice Heating and Cooling is here to serve all your AC needs! We offer affordable and easy installation along with comprehensive services that are sure to not only maintain but enhance the condensation-free climate you deserve.

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AC Repair and Maintenance

It is hot outside and your AC has decided to take a break? It’s not the best time for you. Luckily, Top Choice Heating and Cooling will get things back in working order! You deserve a partner who will do whatever it takes to keep your home or business running smoothly. When your AC needs repair, you can depend on us to provide “A+” customer service. We proudly serve the GTA and all of Ontario.

If you need AC repair or maintenance in Ontario, there is no better choice than Top Choice Heating and Cooling. We offer free estimates for all things involving Air conditioners and our efficient service can’t be beat!

We Are Here To Keep You Cool in Summer Days

AC Installation

The air conditioner is one of the most important parts in your home. A working, efficient system will help keep you cool during hot months and warm when it’s wintertime
Living in Ontario means there can be dangerous fluctuations between high temperatures (which are quite common) as well as humidity levels that make living conditions uncomfortable for some people all year long; even on nice days!

When you are looking for a professional who understands how your HVAC or residential AC system works, it’s important to find someone whose knowledge is similar across systems. The internal components will vary from machine to machine but they all work on the same principle. Here are the components that most of AC systems have: 

  • Fans: Pulls/pushes heated air in and out
  • Condenser Cores: Draw the excess moisture and heat out of the air
  • Pressurized Coolant System: Pulls hear out of the air and moves it away
  • Drainage System: where water from condensed vapor escapes

We know that air conditioning is a big investment, which means it deserves the best service possible. With Top Choice Heating and Cooling, you can be sure to get fast and friendly customer support as well as affordable prices for your next repair or new equipment installation!

Call Top Choice Heating and Cooling at (616) 421-xxxx or contact us here to learn more about our heating, AC, and energy services in Toronto.

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