Medical Grade Air Purifier

No matter if you need a business, home or commercial property to have clean air with our high-quality purifiers. We will find the best solution for your needs! 

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Air Purifier Installation

Our commercial air purifiers remove 99.99% of the smallest airborne particles, which keeps your space clean and fresh no matter what you’re doing in it. Plus they also do a great job at removing odors like tobacco smoke or fume extractions—keeping everyone safe while still giving them everything that makes living better!

If you need medical-grade air humidifier systems in Ontario, there is no better choice than Top Choice Heating and Cooling. We offer free estimates for all things involving Air humidifiers and our efficient service can’t be beat!

Reduce Dryness in your homes with a high quality Humidifier

Our Air Filteration Solution

In our increasingly busy world, many people are starting to see indoor air as a privilege and not just something that goes along with living. In fact, the quality of your home’s ventilation can make or break how comfortable you feel in it! But what about when we become sick? Have any cases been reported from breathing contaminated medical facility air recently?
The answer is yes–even though these types of environments may seem safe because they’re closed off from public viewing- there still could potentially be viruses present due to their high volume of visitors who bring infectious diseases into these spaces every day which poses an increased risk factor for them being exposed. 

The UVC Germicidal light and HEPA Medical grade air purifier is perfect for medical, dental or veterinary clinic use. The rapid change of the room’s environment can be easily accommodated with this unit as it changes over in closed areas within 200 sq ft every 3 minutes while still being able to completely clean up 2500 square feet at once!

Dry air is a killer. But there’s no need to suffer through your day with dry, itchy skin and sore throats when you can fix the problem of the low moisture in an instant! Our humidifiers add just enough drops for optimal comfort–installed correctly by Top Choice, which also repairs all brands/models so we’re equipped for any climate or situation. 

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